Winner of an Ellie J. Shakerley prize (2019)



Who has stolen my dream-world
And painted it in blue?
Who has given it ashen stripes
To let the day come through?

I thought that I could hide my dreams
In a corner of my brain
But a jagged thing has broken in
To make its meaning plain.

I thought my words were all my own
Till it marched through my door,
Tramping with terrible feet
Across this solitary floor.

It’s taken over the room now.
It clads my desk and chair
With its encasing coverlet
In the enquiring air.

It drives a wedge into my space.
It’s jabbing at my bed.
It’s reached into my brain now.
It’s searching through my head.

Oh, it’s taken the shifting shadows
And brought them all to light.
I cannot live with a cruel thing
So menacingly bright.