QUICKSILVER (Lapwing, 2022)

QUICKSILVER (Lapwing, 2022)

My sixth collection of poems was published with Lapwing, a small poetry press based in Belfast which has been publishing both local and international poets for over twenty years.

Most of the poems in Quicksilver are short lyrics, many written in fixed forms; but the book also contains 'Anima', a longer autobiographical poem in free verse.

Reviewing the book in The Oxford Magazine, Tom MacFaul wrote:

'Quicksilver may be her finest poetic achievement yet. Many of her abiding interests, including those canvassed in her memoir, Diary of a Bipolar Explorer (2018), come together here with new clarity, and in an abundance of forms, even as she refuses to settle for glib finality, as the collection’s mercurial title signals. The poems here find words for the unspoken, forms for the intangible, while at times consciously resisting mere wordiness in favour of ‘living phrases’.

QUICKSILVER can be purchased direct from me, at 10£ per copy, plus postage and packing. Please email me at lucy.newlyn@seh.ox.ac.uk to order a copy.