A blessing on the haters

A poem about the menace of internet trolls

A blessing on the haters

A Blessing on the haters

Ubiquitous haters, you sure rule the roost.
You are deadly, and hidden. You burgeon online.
May your hatred be nurtured and given a boost
by this generous blessing in verses of mine.

You are safe in your numbers and no-one can know
who you are, where you live, what you do with your lives.
You can chuck your words at us, the lowest of low:
they will cut, like the blades on sharp daggers or knives.

How clever to use the four words you know best –
those little expletives you learnt while at school!
How subtle to put them again to the test.
May they last, may they prosper, and may they be cool!

There’s plenty more venom pent up in your heads.
May your victims be hurt and have nowhere to hide.
May you flourish and thrive on this hate that you spread,
and may you spread more. Yes go on, spread it wide.

Ubiquitous haters, be proud of your deeds.
Live long, and stay hidden, you’re safe out of sight.
The law cannot reach you; the law never heeds
a victim who whinges and moans at their plight.

You are many; you reign. May it always be so.
May the internet fester with malice and spite.
May your ignorance multiply and your hate grow
from dawn to midday and from noon until night.