/ Cornwall

Rock at Pendower

Rock at Pendower

An aerial view is best, standing upright
and looking down with half-closed eyes

to lose yourself in every shadow,
every fissure, every crease.

From a distance you wouldn’t
know that they rise in fine gradations

diagonally right to left with subtle shadows.
Up close there isn’t much that you could miss.

Stand here and study the striations,
every wave and fold a guess.

Are they rivers and a lake,
or strands of streaming hair?

How many centuries have passed
since they’ve been sedimented there,

exposed to sun and wind,
to water, salt and air?

See how they wander, weave and twist
like undulating shadows in the mist.

Let them be secret hieroglyphs.
Signification mustn’t enter into this.

Rock at Pendower
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